Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Jose’ started the meeting at 6:38 p.m.
Jose’: opening prayer
Motion of Minutes: Motion for March Minutes was made and seconded and approved.
Ralph Martin: Fire Department city official talked about making sure smoke detector a working properly and that the battery are good. He also talked on the new fire work that was been passed to be legal in the state of Michigan now and to get ready for a wonderful 4th of July now. Everyone thought it was bad before wait to this year all kinds of excitement.
PRESIDENT REPORT: Jose’ talked about recycling being divided into two areas 1st/3rd Friday east side of maple and 2nd/ 4th Friday west side of maple. He also talked about rubbish being picked from the 1st – 15th of the month on the west side.
TREASURY REPORT: Pat made comment on ending balance for March meeting was $256.83 and sign purchase of $8.00 dollars and a donation of $3.00 dollars was made for a total of $262.53.  Also a check to Jose' for ink of $5.30.
VICE PRESIDENT: Ric made comment on the resignation of Cathy Wagner (RECORDING SECRETARY) due to health problems. Also talked about NAAG meeting and how things where going with the crime free housing that Officer Scott Bickel was working on. Ric also made comment on the next city wide meeting and that it would be held at the Beacon of Hope church at 2109 West Michigan.  It was also voted that the meeting would be held at the Beacon of Hope starting in May.
EVENT COORDINATOR:  Don had talked about the grasses that have been cut in the last two Saturday and made comment that if anyone would like to help feel free and go out and start cutting them that it all would be greatly appreciated.
Meeting ended at 7:38p.m. With a total of 30 people attending.

President: Jose' Barajas
Vice President: Ric Russell
Treasurer: Pat McCloy
Event Coordinator: Don McCloskey

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  1. Are you planning on attending city hall meeting Monday? Would like additional groups to be present to support stated concern over safety budget cuts that will hit fire and police. Judy @ Northmoor