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BOUNDARIES: City Limit at Superior & Gratiot South to Tittabawassee River, and South-side of Gratiot and City Limit of Superior east to Saginaw River.

`           To preserve and improve our neighborhood in accordance with the Laws & Ordinances of the City Of Saginaw and the State of Michigan in co-operation with the Saginaw Police, Scenic, and our Community Police Officer.

A. MEMBER:  Must be a property owner or renter at least 18 years of age who reside in a home or apartment with-in the S.W.S.N.A. boundaries.
B. VOTING MEMBER: (FOR OFFICERS) shall be a member who has attended at least four (4) general memberships meeting in the preceding twelve (12) months.
            C. Signing in his/her name at the general membership meetings to be counted for voting purposes.

The Executive Board Committee shall consist of a President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Treasurer and Event coordinator.

Terms for all Executive Board Committee seat are to be on an alternating system so you have some of the Board members still in office for the changeover of new officers coming in. Any board member can run after their term has been completed for as many times that they desire.
1.     THE PRESIDENT:         (2 YEAR TERM) “or until (the officers) successor is elected.”
A.     Shall preside at all general membership and Executive Committee meetings.
B.     Shall have the power to appoint special committees as directed by the needs of S.W.S.N.A.
C.     Shall represent S.W.S.N.A. in all extra-curricular events except when this is not possible.  In such cases he or she may appoint another member to represent him or her.

(2 YEAR TERM) “or until (the officers) successor is elected.”
A.     Shall perform the duties of the President when the President shall be absent.

3.     RECORDING SECRETARY:          
(2 YEAR TERM) “or until (the officers) successor is elected.”
A.     Shall take minutes at every general membership meeting and be responsible for the care of said minutes.
B.     Shall handle all necessary correspondence at the direction of the Executive Committee.
C.     Shall maintain custody of the S.W.S.N.A. By-Laws.

(2 YEAR TERM) “or until (the officers) successor is elected.”   
A.     Shall keep account of and be responsible for the Treasury of S.W.S.N.A. during the terms of office.
B.     Shall have charge of any and all monetary transactions of S.W.S.N.A.
C.     Shall sign all check drawn upon funds of the S.W.S.N.A.  Organization.  All checks shall also require the signature of either the President or Vice President, and must be approved by the Executive Board Committee.
D.     Shall give financial report at the general membership and Executive Committee meetings and prepare an annual report of the finances of S.W.S.N.A. showing the receipts and disbursement during the current year.  The annual report shall be submitted by the retiring Treasurer when his or her term is completed to the Incoming Treasurer.

(2 YEAR TERM) “or until (the officers) successor is elected.”
A.     Shall coordinate, schedule and plan for upcoming special events.


A.     Final Nomination and election of officers shall take place during a general membership meeting.
B.     Method Of Elections:
1.     Election shall be by secret ballot with one vote per eligible member of those present at a general membership meeting. (SEE ARTICLE III SECTION B) or if one (1) has been nominated for an office, the chair simply declares the nominee elected (which is referred to as an election by acclamation)
2.     A simple majority vote of those eligible members present is required.
3.     An individual may hold only one (1) elected position at a time and may not be on any other Executive Boards with-in the S.W.S.N.A. boundaries.

C.     Nomination Committee:
A. the selection and nomination of candidates to fill the elective officer of S.W.S.N.A.
A.   Shall be formed at the January meeting to poll the members on their desire to fill an elective post and /or nominate a member to fill a post. 
B.    Shall meet as needed to prepare a slate of prospective officers for election which will be presented at the February meeting.  Nominations for any office may also be presented from the floor.  After requests for additional nominations for any office, nominations shall be closed for that office. 
C.    Shall contact the nominated member to determine if the member is willing to fill the position for the term.  If the member is willing to run for the office, the nominating committee will place his/her name on the slate of prospective officer.  In the event that the nominating committee identifies more than one candidate for an office, all names for that office will be printed on the slate of prospective officers.
D.     Shall be responsible for preparing and publishing a slate of candidates to all members at the February meeting to be voted on at the March general membership meeting.  This slate will be published on the S.W.S.N.A. website if available, no later than two weeks prior to the March meeting.
E.     Shall prepare the ballot, tally all votes, and present the results of the election following the voting at March meeting.

Any S.W.S.N.A. member may volunteer to fill a position or may nominate another member for a position.  All nominated candidates shall meet the requirements of having attended at least four (4) meeting in the preceding twelve (12) months.  The nominating committee will contact the nominated member to determine if the member is willing to fill the position. 

Resignation from Office:

 In event of a Board members resignation from office, a special election to fill the vacancy shall be held at the next general membership meeting in which the resignation is accepted and a temporary member fills the vacant seat until the term has been completed. Then an election will be held to fill the position for the 2 year term.
1.     Shall be held on the third Tuesday of each month with the exception of December due to holiday.
2.     Meetings will be held at the Becon of Hope Church, 2109 W. Michigan Ave. Saginaw, Mi.


A.     There shall be an Executive Board Committee consisting of a President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Treasurer and Event Coordinator.
B.     It shall be the duty of each Executive Board Member to attend all meeting of the Executive Board if possible.
C.     The vacancy of any office of the Executive Board shall be filled by a simple majority vote of eligible member in attendance at the next general membership meeting, to fill the remaining term.
D.     The President has the power to spend up to fifty ($50.00) dollars for organizational purposes without the consent of regular membership.  All other disbursement shall be submitted to the general membership at the next general membership meeting for approval.
E.     The Executive Board shall meet monthly as decided at the January Executive Board meeting, or at the request of the President, or upon the request of any two (2) Executive Board Committee members.

1.     Any project using the name, signage or materials or anything resembling it of S.W.S.N.A. must have prior approval of the Executive Board using it will result in loss of membership.
2.     Political candidates may be introduced at the meeting and the membership be informed that the candidates will be available for question after the meeting.  Speeches by the candidates will not be allowed.
3.      All volunteers serve at the direction and discretion of the Executive Board of the S.W.S.N.A.   The board reserves the right to discontinue the services of any volunteer whose attitude or behavior does not serve the best interest of S.W.S.N.A.
4.     S.W.S.N.A. reserves the right to discontinue the membership of any person or group using foul or offensive language or disruptive behavior during the meetings.
5.     No firearms to be carried by any member will be allowed at S.W.S.N.A. general membership meeting.
6.     Any member in violation of the regulation and procedures is subject to immediate removal from S.W.S.N.A.


2.     These by-laws shall be reviewed periodically and may be altered, amended, or changed by vote of sixty (60) percent of the members at a scheduled general membership meeting.  Proposed alterations, amendments, or changes will be available on the S.W.S.N.A. website if available for membership review prior to the meeting that the alterations, amendments, or changes are voted upon. 

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