Friday, January 25, 2013


DIGNITARIES:  Interim Chief Lipe, CPO Officer Nathan Voelker,  Oral Hygienist Lauren Loiacano, City Commissioner Larry Coulouris,  Kerry Conrad, Officer Sergeant Mark Scott

PRESIDENT:  Jose` Barajas opened the meeting at 6:34 PM

PASTOR:   Tucker Gunnemann gave the prayer

Jose` talked about the Eddie Building and the Bancroft Hotel being re-vamped.
SVP:  Saginaw Volunteer Patrol will be started in February.

TREASURER:   Pat gave our annual year-end report.  Year Ending December 31, 2012

MINUTES:  A motion was made and seconded to accept the minutes of the November 2012 meeting.  Motion carried.

Jose` introduced our new Vice President, Kerry Conrad

INTERIM CHIEF LIPE:  The chief spoke of changes being made and downsizing in the program.  Officer Madaj is on road patrol now.  Nathan Voelker is our new CPO.  Nathan has been on patrol since 2009.  He joined the CPO program last year.  He has been working with the Cathedral Association.  We now have 4 CPO’s:
Leon Burns:  Houghton Jones and Northeast Area:  telephone:  860-2035

Bryan Guest:  Cathedral Area and Saginaw High:  telephone: 737-5448  Officer Guest is on 12 hour shifts from 3 PM- 3 AM

Jarod Atha:  Covenant and Northmoor:  telephone: 941-7080
Nathan Voelker:  Southwest Saginaw Area:  telephone:  860-2056

The 3 CPO’s that we currently have are for these areas by HUD.
1.     Southwest Saginaw Association
2.     Houghton  Jones Association
3.     Cathedral Association

These 3 CPO’s will be with us until July of 2013.  We will know before then if HUD is going to pay for the year 2013-2014 for another 3 CPO’s.

Should the Policing program go to the County Sheriff in the future, there will be NO CHANGE in the COMMUNITY POLICING PROGRAM until the end of the paid program by HUD, July of 2013.

Chief Lipe introduced Officer Scott to us.  He is a night supervisor.  911 is the number to call for any problems at night or to reach a CPO.

We now have 73 officers.  The City is moving them to 55 by July 1st of 2013.  Chief Lipe introduced Nathan Voelker to our group as our CPO.

NATHAN VOELKER:  Nathan said he went to Caro High School, Delta, and Ferris.

The SVP program will start February 9th 2013 @ 6:00 PM- 12:00 midnight

NAAG Meeting January 15th 2013.  John Stemple was asking for volunteers to help with Code Enforcement, filling out violations, and the tip line.

Nathan is working with Handley School this semester.  He is issuing citations for walking in the street etc.  Parents need to address the problem with the children.  He is also issuing Parental Citations.  Nathan introduced his girlfriend to the group.  Lauren Loiacano.  Lauren is a Dental Hygienist and is offering to clean teeth, X-ray, and give a Fluoride Treatment to children ages 4-17 for $15.00.  You may telephone Lauren at 1-989-573-1937.  Leave a voice mail and she will get back with you.  Times are Monday through Friday.

BENEFIT:  St. Demetrio’s Greek Orthodox Church, is hosting a benefit for Barry Dovis an officer with the Saginaw City Police Force.  It will be held inside the Hellenic Banquet Center 4970 Mackinaw Rd.   February 21st 2013 from 11 AM-9:00 PM.  The price is $10.00 for Take Out, $15.00 to stay at the church and eat.  Barry Dovis has been diagnosed with a form of Leukemia.  He is having an extensive stay in Ann Arbor for treatment and needs help with lodging while there.    
You can make checks out to:  Barry or Patty Dobis
                                                  C/O Hellenic Banquet Center
                                                  4970 Mackinaw Road
                                                  Saginaw, Mi.

PASTOR TUCKER:  Pastor thanked the Association for the donation to the Becon of Hope Church at Christmas Time.  With it they were able to give Christmas to 19 children who were in need.

TRUANCY ISSUES:  Art O’Neil is the Truancy Officer.  Telephone him at Saginaw High School 989-399-6000.

MEETING ADJOURNED:  Jose` closed the meeting at 7:39 PM






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