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S.W.S.N.A. Minutes July 17 2012

Southwest Saginaw Neighborhood Association Meeting July 17th 2012
DIGNITARIES:  John Stemple, Chief Inspector City Of Saginaw, Barbara L. Mausolf, Saginaw County Treasurer, CPO Jeff Madji, Councilman Larry Coulouris, Pastor Tucker Gunneman.  Kelly Curnutt, volunteer police.
PRESIDENT:  Jose` started the meeting @ 6:30 pm
OPENING PRAYER:  Pastor Tucker Gunneman gave the opening prayer.
Jose` talked to us about our recycling times in our area.
SECRETARY:   Copy of the City Wide Meetings through October if you didn’t receive one.
Attention All Neighbors 5/29/2012-   I passed out flyers about a young lady in our area going around asking for money and food.  CPO Madaj said she was arrested.
Neighbors expressing concerns about motorized scooters on the sidewalks, and other motorized bikes going fast and not stopping for red lights or other vehicles.
If you are going to be attending the City Wide July 26th, @ St. Mary’s 723 Emerson St. Please bring a non-perishable item of food to the meeting for the Food Bank.
If you want to make a complaint to the City you must call the City Clerk’s # @ 989-399-1311 to file the complaint.  When finished don’t forget to ask for the file # they will give you the file number.  This will start the ball rolling and may open the complaint up to different avenues. 
TREASURER:  $267.39 WAS OUR BALANCE.  $50.00 paid out for dinner for Rob Davis.  Balance was $242.39.  We had a $25.00 donation bringing us to our balance of $242.39
Jose` turned over the meeting to Barb Mausolf from the County Land bank, Barb said if she is re-elected she would like to hire Neighborhood Associations members to cut City Lots.
Please document your hours of volunteering.  At some point we may be able to apply for a grant.
No tax dollars are used for demolition of Land Bank Properties.  The money comes from the foreclosures.
The difference of where money comes from.  City comes from grants:  Land bank Office TELEPHONE:  790-5230.  Staff TELEPHONE.  790-5225.
JOHN STEMPLE:  John has $30,000.00 to hire a part time person to replace Rob Davis.  He is waiting to see if he can’t hire a full time position.  This would be for 20 hours a week, part time.
If you have a dangerous building to report please call Scott Crofoot. Scott is the dangerous buildings inspector.
JULIE CURNUTT:  Julie read a letter to us that she was going to be reading at the next City Council Meeting.

CPO OFFICER JEFF MADAJ:  Jeff told us that Officer Severs arrested Yolanda McCall on July 16th 2012.  Yolanda was our person going around asking for money or food.
Jeff has fluctuating hours right now.  You can call him at cell # 233-6772.  Jeff and other CPO’s are going to be working on taking down the basketball hoops in the roadways.  You can also E-mail Jeff at
Saginaw County Mental Health bought Germania.  They are putting their offices in there.
Fireworks are to be lit off the day before, day of, and the day after a legal holiday.  It is a $95.00 or $100.00 violation fee.
Curfew Violations are @ 10:00 pm.  1st violation is $125.00
2nd violation is $250.00 and the 3rd violation is $500.00 the parents also get a parental citation.
Our CPO’s are in 9 areas.
Traffic on Michigan should be finished by November
Michigan Department of Corrections is picking up parole violators.  They have picked up 10 people so far.
Don’t forget to thank our Volunteer Saginaw Police Reserves.
SVP:   They have done 72 back ground packets.  Dow donated $10,000.00 for gas cards from Citco gas, hats, vests, Door magnets, flashing yellow light.
Interim Chief Brian Lipe said there will be 20-25 people in a classroom and the class will be 3-4 hours long.  We will be out with the CPO’s once a week.  We will be notified by either telephone numbers or E-mails for classes
LARRY COULOURIS:  Be aware of scam telephone calls.  The fireworks come from the State and not the City.
Barb Mausolf is running for re-election for County Treasurer
Meeting Adjourned @ 8:03 pm.

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