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MINUTES February 21, 2012

PRESIDENT: José Barajas opened the meeting at 6:30 PM.

OPENING PRAYER: Our opening prayer was given by Rev. Tucker Gunneman.

ATTENDANCE: We had 30 people in attendance.

MOTION: A motion was made to except the minutes from the January 17th meeting of 2012.  Motion was seconded and carried.

Paul Virciglio brought us up to date in regards to Hoyt Park. They are hosting a sled event on Saturday, February 25that Hoyt Park, providing we have snow. Other events will have the Castle Museum bus on-site.  The children's zoo will be open and free that day, they will be having hot chocolate. Mr. Virciglio was told whatever money the Hoyt Park Committee could raise, Mr. Garber would match. They raised 100 plus thousand dollars. Mr. Garber matched it. The warming house had repairs, it's been all repainted the bathrooms have been repaired the vets office is heated. Hopefully by next winter we should be able to put ice down to ice skate weather permitting. The baseball fields have all been refurbished.

RECYCLING SCHEDULE: April 2, 2012 is when the recycling is scheduled to start. There will be one bin per household. If you wish a second bin, there will be an additional charge of eight dollars. To make it easier for residents to start recycling with the new curbside program, the city will distribute recycling bins and how to program information prior to enacting the program at three separate events, Saturday, March 10 and Tuesday's, March 13 and March 20.

Saturday: March 10TH 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM one location. Department of public works convenience station (1435 S. Washington)

Tuesday's: March 13TH and March 20TH 3:30 PM - 6:30 PM for locations

Saginaw High School (3100 Weber St.)


Arthur Hill High School (3115 Mackinaw St.)

First Ward Community Center (1410 N. 12th St.)

Department of Public Works (1435 S. Washington)

The new Saginaw recyclables is a two-step program.

Step one, place glass, metals, and plastics together in one bin.

Step two, paper materials, cardboard and box board can be mixed in another bin or placed in paper bags next to the container or recycling bin.

Starting June 2 through September 8, 2012 there will be a special waste program where you can take products such as paint cans and other items that you can't put out to the curb and dispose of them. The telephone number is area code 989-758-3686.

Treasurer’s Report:  Balance on hand January 1st 2010                      $330.21

Donations from Members                                                                          $204.00

Proceeds from Signs                                                                                         18.00

Total Receipts $222.00+ $330.21=                                                             $552.21


Ink Cartridges  $130.41

Check Charge                             13.00

Maps and Ink Cartridges         63.99

Parts for Lawn Mower             33.53

Nails for Board Up                    43.45

Arson Watch                              25.00

Pride Parade                              25.00

Total Disbursements:          $334.38

Balance on Hand December 31st 2011    $217.83

January 17th2012 showed balance of $217.83 with a five dollar donation,  Bringing the total to date to $222.83.

VICE PRESIDENT: Deanna said “don't forget to vote on February 28th.

 Chief Cliff's meeting is Wednesday, February 22 at 5:30 PM at the YMCA. The first half of the meeting will be conducted at the YMCA, the second half of the meeting we will be walking across the street to the RAPTOR CENTER.

Deanna announced that the board has been tweaking our By-Laws.  Deanna, José, and Cathy read the by-laws: We put it to a vote after each section and each was passed.  There were some suggestions to change a couple of items.

Deanna announced she would be retiring from Southwest Saginaw Neighborhood Association as Vice President effective immediately due to health problems and stress.  Don McCloskey nominated Rick Russell as vice president.  Rick accepted the nomination, no one ran opposing him, and Deanna declared Rick Vice President by an election of acclamation.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:42 PM

PRESIDENT: José Barajas

VICE PRESIDENT: Deanna Virciglio



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