Monday, June 17, 2013

Meeting called to order:  by Jose @6:30 P.M.
Dignitaries:  Larry Coulouris, Kevin Wilkins, Director of Animal Control
Old Business:  Jose` asked for a motion to approve the May Minutes of 2013.  Motion was made and seconded and approved.  Motion Passed.
Treasurer Report:  Pat announced she works at the Red Cross.  If you would like to donate or help out in the Moore Oklahoma Disaster, call 754-8181, press number 1 and that will put you directly in touch with Pat.  Last month we had $496.25.  We had $15.00 from our 50-50, $10.00 for signs, and a $3.00 donation.  Bringing our total to, $524.25
President’s Report:  Smoke Detectors are available from the fire department, call 759-1393.  Red Cross is looking for donations for Oklahoma Disaster.  We have issue sheets up front for anyone with issues. 
Councilman Larry Coulouris:  On the 2nd Saturday of every month the City has a drop off across the street from City Hall for trash etc.  You can call 399-1311 for details.
Deanna Virciglio:  Call Mosquito Control @ 755-5711 if you have tires.  You can drop them off @ 211 Congress Ave.  You will need your I.D. to show them.  This starts after June 5th.  John Stemple from S.E.I.N.I.C. had someone pick up the Planet Aid Drop Box on Maple.  City Ordinance, Rummage.  You are allowed 1 rummage sale a year and only for 3 days.  You are allowed to put a sign in your yard and your neighbor’s yard with permission from the neighbor. 
Ric Russell:  Ric said he cut at 2200 block of Hamilton, and Mead and Michigan for 4 and ½ hours.  He has no help.
Jan McCurry:  Jan asked about La Placida on Michigan.  She talked about planting trees or something in the area.  It was mentioned that the entire block should be taken down.  The City will cut the encroachment and 4 feet inside of the sidewalk.  We are going to see if we can get Tom Miller from the County Land Bank for our next meeting.
Kevin Wilkins:  Director of the Animal Control moved here from Wisconsin, he is originally from Illinois.  He would like it if some people would come into Animal Control and sign up for volunteering.  He talked about never relocating wild animals.  He suggests that you trap them and take them to animal control.  He said if you relocate them to a nature center for instance, they could have a disease and give it to other animals.    We are down to 3 animal control officers.  This is hurting response time.  Animal Control now has a staff of 26.  Threating animals have top priority.  If it is an emergency, call the police 911.  You can always drop an animal off at the shelter.  There is a fenced off area in the back that you can take them to.  Dog packs are up quite a bit this year.  Euthanasia is 60% down.  Fees are $125.00 for a dog, spayed or neutered shots etc.  There is a $90.00 fee for all cats.  They respond to farm animal’s complaints and horses.
50-50 drawing:  There was $27.00 in the 50-50.  The winning ticket was # 280894.  The winner took home $14.00.  The rest goes to the association.
Don’t forget about Neighborhood Watch signs.  They are $2.00 a sign.  Ask a board member for them.

Meeting Adjourned:  7:41 P.M.

President:  Jose` Barajas
Vice President:  Kerry Conrad
Recording Secretary:  Cathy Wagner
Treasurer:  Pat McCloy
Event Coordinator:  Debbie Murphy

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