Wednesday, November 7, 2012

S.W.S.N.A. Minutes October 16th 2012

Meeting began at 6:37 PM
DIGNITARIES:  Deputy Ralph Martin, Interim Chief Lipe, Sergeant Terry Carpenter, City Councilman Larry Coulouris.
Opening Prayer:  Deputy Fire Marshal Ralph Martin gave the opening prayer.
Motion:  A motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes from the Sept. Meeting.
Treasury Report:  Balance from September was $278.85.  We had a 21.00 donation which brought our total up to $299.85 for the October meeting.
50-50 Tickets are back on sale as you come into the meeting.  Tickets cost 1 dollar for 1 ticket or 7 for $5.00. 
Don’t forget Waste Collection Convenience Station is the 2nd Saturday of every month, including the month of December 2012.
Waste Collection Convenience Station
On the second Saturday of every month, the City of Saginaw operates a convenience station from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm at the Public Works Service Center across from City Hall. Building materials, tires, junk and brush will be accepted along with glass, paper and plastic recyclables. No liquids, chemicals flammable items allowed.
Dial 211 for Help!
2-1-1 is a Health and Human Services Hotline for Northeast Michigan. "Non-emergency" assistance is available by calling 2-1-1. To talk to a trained professional about hundreds of health and human services available, call 2-1-1 . Staff are trained to assist those in need with referrals for food, housing, utilities, child care, emergency shelter, clothing, legal aid, literacy, transportation, substance abuse, senior issues, disability, health care, and much more.
Jose` wanted all to know that there are still people stealing gas from vehicles.  Please be aware and report anything you might think is suspicious going on.
Deputy Fire Marshal:  Ralph Martin announced the date of the Board Up as 10/19/12.  8:30 AM in front of the City Hall.
Always look for 2 ways out of any place you are in when arriving.  In other words look for exits and know where they are.  Practice this also in your own homes.  Never leave space heaters unattended.  Never run any appliances with an extension cord.   If you have to ever use an extension cord, make sure it is UL approved.  Check your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors to make sure they are working.  The fire department will come out to your home and install them for you if you need one, free of charge.
Sergeant Terry Carpenter:  Terry announced we are doing a clean-up of 315 Bullock with police.  It is an empty lot.  Meeting time is 10:00 AM.
We are at a 40 year low on homicides.  The police have arrested a guy from the Greenwich area.  The police are dealing with mostly drug trades and Breaking and Entering’s.  The Southwest Saginaw Neighborhood Area has had 4 non-fatal shootings. If you have any information, please call 757-2010 Tip Line.
Some of the gangs around our City are: 
Sunny Side:  They are in the Southeast area of the City.  Their colors are yellow.  They are at war with the Project Boys from 4th and Kirk.  They reside in the North East area of the City.  Their colors are red & blue.  Some have moved into the Jerome School area.
Project Boys:  These colors are Black & Dark Blue.  They are from the North End.
BV Boys:  Buena Vista Township to east of Saginaw.  They have aligned with the Sunny Side & Burt St. Boys.  This is a get money click.  These people are from the East Side.
GMC:  These people aligned with the North End, being the Project Boys.
Terry announced that Southwest Saginaw Neighborhood Association will be hosting this year’s Arson Watch at the FOP Hall from 6-midnight.
Our Guest Speaker for November 20th 2012 meeting will be Tom Begin from Consumers Energy.
Don McCloskey moved out of the area.  Debbie Murphy was put in as Event Coordinator for the Association.  Congratulations Debbie.
50-50 Drawing Winner:  The winner won $18.00
Next City Wide Meeting is for December 20th 2012 at Houghton Elementary School:  Tuscola & N. 9th Street Entrance at 5:30 PM.
There will be NO City Wide Meeting in November.
Meeting Adjourned at 8:00 PM 
Attendance was 38
President:  Jose` Barajas
Secretary:  Cathy Wagner
Treasurer: Pay McCloy
Event Coordinator:  Debbie Murphy
  Interim Chief Brian Lipe’s City Wide Meetings:  December 2012-July 2012
December 20th 2012:  Houghton Elementary School:
Tuscola & N. 9th Street Entrance 5:30 PM
January 24th 2013:  Covenant Association:  American Amalgamated Workers Union
1614 Mershon St. 5:30 PM
February 28th 2013:   First Ward Community Center 1410 N. 12th St. 5:30 PM
March 28th 2013:  Adams Boulevard Association,   Michigan Lutheran Seminary 5:30 PM
April 25th 2013:  Brockway Carmen Park & St. Stephen’s Association:  St. Stephen’s Parish Hall
1300 Malzahn 5:30 PM
May 23rd 2013:  Cathedral District, Green House Center of Hope 723 Emerson 5:30 PM
June 27th 2013:  S.W.S.N.A.  2109 W. Michigan, Beacon of Hope Church 5:30 PM
July 25th 2013:  Redeemer Neighborhood Association, Loomis School, Loomis & Webber ST. 5:30 PM

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